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Futurescaping for People and Planet.

V6A Labs is an applied consultancy and R&D studio working to bridge the gap between thought and action.

We transform bold ideas into tangible realities, leveraging our expertise, network and unique position at the nexus of digital and social infrastructure to navigate the complexities and opportunities of our time.

We work with communities and organizations to not only anticipate the future, but actively shape it.



We’re in the business of translating ideas and research into on-the-ground experimentation and tooling.

Through a growing network of collaborators and partners, we thrive in complex problem spaces and leverage our collective expertise in strategic foresight, public policy, local-first and decentralized technologies, product, and business development to build more effective and empowering organizations, protocols and civic infrastructure.


EIT Climate-KIC | 2024 ClimateLaunchpad U.S. — NYC Regional Lead
NYC Regional Lead for ClimateLaunchpad US, a program of Europe’s largest multi-stakeholder climate partnership and global business accelerator, being brought to the US for the first time. 2024 pitch competition applications for idea/pre-seed ventures are open.

Join the ClimateLaunchpad US team, FOAM, Streetlife Ventures, and HAX and more at our NYC Kickoff event on May 8th, 2024.


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221A | 2023 Stolon Community Mesh — Project Consultant
Stolon Mesh is a community mesh network that offers free wifi to users in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, and beyond. Developed in collaboration with a team of artists, researchers, community liaisons, and technologists, Stolon Mesh is a growing network infrastructure project with the aim of creating a local-first, digital commons in the city. 
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LinkedTrust | 2023 Business Development and Strategy
LinkedTrust is a globally distributed startup harnessing the power of social graphs for impact validation. Building on top of IPFSCeramic Network and HUMAN Protocol, LinkedTrust ensures impact is validated and demonstrated across a public network; creating a verifiable and composable open-source reputation engine that can be integrated into any platform or service. 
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New Constellations| 2022Mycelium Fund — Research Lead
The Mycelium Fund, a project by New Constellations, is an experiment in transformative capital allocation and distribution. To guide the implementation of the fund, a set of  design principles were researched and developed based on ecological communication and resource distribution mechanisms found in mycelial fungi networks and other distributed systems. The Fund is part of a much larger experiment in transformative flows of capital by Arising Quo that New Constellations is participating in alongside Open Collective, Dark Matter Labs and others. 


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